Elmira, New York

Memories of Eldrige Park

here were rumors about the lake being bottomless. One even had it flowing though a subterranean passage into Seneca Lake. But that wasn't true. In fact, the lake had very poor drainage and the park flooded just about every spring when there were heavy rains.

The lake was man made and was dug at five foot intervals. Down five and then out five, down five and then out five. By the time you reached the middle, it was rather deep, but, "Alas, poor Yorick," it was not bottomless.

Eldridge Lake hosted quite another attaction for park goers. It was the Dragon Boat and was nicknamed "Jasper" by some of the park workers.

It was kind of "spooky" for a kid back then to be riding around in a "dragon" on a "bottomless lake." Now, though, we know different, don't we?

These photos are but a small sampling of some of the memories you'll find at our new Eldridge Park Home Page. Click here to relive those great times at Eldridge.

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